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Stress-relief sketch of the day: i’m rewatching The big bang theory, and i still cannot unsee some similarities between Jin and Sheldon Cooper.

Stress-relief sketch of the day, because the works for the con are drawing me crazy: Jotaro. I miss a lot of episodes ;____;

.Commission: kalsagnia. by Martina-G

Sketch commission for kalsagnia , her oc Nader and her friend Kinicha oc Kale. Hope you like it :)
Done in tombow.

Commission infos:

.Commission: KasugaTamaki. by Martina-G

Sketch commission for KasugaTamaki , her friend’s Pokemon gijinka Lucky ( Ae-ternum ) and Kim ( BobdaBoops ). Hope you like it :)
Done in tombow.

Commission info:




Last Monday, Reyhaneh Jabbari’s mother got a call.

Her daughter told her that she would be executed early the next morning.

The execution was postponed at the last minute and Reyhaneh received a…


Right know I’m busy working on my own things for the auditions in an upcoming convention, BUT I am in need of money for it (you know, food, tickets and everything).

So, while I’m working on my comic pages, I’ll offer FAST SKETCH COMMISSIONS UNTIL 25/26 october – then I should left for the con.
Headshot/halfbody ONLY, 10 € (+3€ for each extra characters)

Please see the info above!

Thanks in advance!

.Commission: VFGoldenwing. by Martina-G

Sketch commission for VFGoldenwing , her oc Verin. Hope you like it :)
Done in tombow.

Commission infos:





My father recently lost his job, we lost our house and now on top of this he has been diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes. 

He is a professional machinist and has been working as one for over 30 years, only to then have his work stolen from him by his own mother and sister.  We’ve been scraping by since then and now that he lost his job we have absolutely nothing to live off of.

He is such a strong person and until yesterday I have never once seen him cry.  We’re absolutely devastated - he has cancer and we have no way to help him.  

He has always refused to take money from other people and he has spent his life helping people in need, and now we are the ones who need help.

My mother’s best friend has made a gofundme to try and help us pay our bills (we currently have no income whatsoever) and get him the treatment he so desperately needs.  

If you can’t donate then (please, please, please) signal boost this.  I’ll also share with him any supportive asks I receive regarding this..

I love my father so much and I am so afraid to lose him right now.


Update: Apparently some people are having issues with gofundme so I’ve added a donate button to my sidebar!!  Thank you guys so much!

Update #2: The doctor alerted us that they’ve likely found cancer in his sinuses as well. Please please please signal boost this I’m really scared right now.

Update #3:  He has cancer in his sinuses, lymph nodes and we just found out he has it in his bone marrow as well…  Please please please signal boost this, the notes have slowed down to a near standstill and It’s really worrying me.. Even if you can’t donate, please reblog.  We need help.

.Commission: DangerSessions. by Martina-G

Sketch commission for DangerSessions , the main characters from his webcomic Here After (( Hope you like it :)
Done in tombow.

Commission infos:

could you suggest me some Italian songs? :)






Oh gosh xD
Just be aware I’ve mostly ever listened to English/American music, since my dad has always been my major musical influenceand he knows nothing of Italian music /o\
But anyway, this is my current Italian playlist on ITunes xD 

Hope you find something you like :)

I wanted to give recs as well but I listen to some kinda lame songs XD

If I may add a few more recs:

Hotel Supramonte - Fabrizio De André
Sidùn - Fabrizio De André (actually do listen to ANYTHING by De André)
E Ti Vengo a Cercare - Franco Battiato
Cosa Sono le Nuvole - Domenico Modugno (lyrics by Pier Paolo Pasolini)
Impressioni di Settembre - Premiata Forneria Marconi
La Bellezza - Roberto Vecchioni
Per Elisa - Alice
Arbeit Macht Frei - Area
Tu Che Sei Parte di Me - Pacifico feat. Gianna Nannini
Cu’mme - Roberto Murolo & Mia Martini
Minuetto - Mia Martini
La Donna Cannone - Francesco De Gregori
Spunta La Luna Dal Monte - Tazenda & Pierangelo Bertoli
Vanità di Vanità - Angelo Branduardi
Ciao Amore Ciao - Dalida (songs starts at 0:59)
Insieme a Te Non Ci Sto Più - Caterina Caselli
Dentro Marilyn - Afterhours
Phantastica - Verdena
Cieli Neri - Bluvertigo
Gocce di Memoria - Giorgia
Lamette - Donatella Rettore

I’m forgetting a lot of them but this could be a good sample (aIso, I can’t put a link for the last three because of reasons orz)

Seconding all of these! (especially De André <333 AND THE PFM I LOVE PFM SO MUCH)

Also if I may add (I’m going with people who haven’t been mentioned yet):

Samarcanda - Roberto Vecchioni (I haven’t seen it on the lists already and idk it’s fundamental italian pop culture for me XD also Vecchioni is generally v. good)
Canzone per un’amica - Nomadi
La locomotiva - Francesco Guccini
I cento passi - Modena City Ramblers
La terra dei cachi - Elio e le storie tese
La libertà - Giorgio Gaber
Feudalesimo e libertà - Nanowar of stell this is the crackiest crack ever cracked but I love this band of complete dorks
Vengo anch’io - Enzo Jannacci
La cura - Franco Battiato
La radio - Eugenio Finardi
Mi piaci - Alex Britti (this is a rather cracky song but it makes me laugh a lot. Anyway this guy is a p. good guitarist and generally makes very nice music, anything else on his official youtube videos is nice easy listening)

I was going to reply to this with some really trashy songs (you still haven’t seen the worse of me in that sense, I know you think I did with those montalcap playlists but clearly I didn’t) but then good sense won:

Siberia - Diaframma
Luna - Litfiba (when they still sounded like Joy Division)
Suicidio - Faust’o
Ma come fanno i marinai - Dalla & De Gregori (the whole disc is splendid)
Quello che le donne non dicono - Fiorella Mannoia
E Lei venne - Il teatro degli orrori
Il mondo prima - Tre allegri ragazzi morti
Impressioni di Settembre - Premiata Forneria Marconi
Voglio una pelle splendida - Afterhours 
Dentro Marylin - Afterhours 
Ape Regina - Marlene Kunts
Uno sguardo verso il cielo - Le Orme
Te c’hanno mai mannato a quer paese - Alberto Sordi 
I giardini di marzo - Lucio Battisti
E ti vengo a cercare - Nanni moretti (no jk, this is the real version by Battiato, but Moretti’s version is hilarious for HOW BADLY he sings)
Rimmel - De Gregori 

If i can add some of my faves…

Almeno tu nell’universo - Mia Martini
Gioco di bimba - Le Orme
Ballata per la mia piccola iena - Afterhours
Non è per sempre - Afterhours
Cara è la fine - Marlene Kuntz
Ballo in fa diesis minore - Angelo Branduardi
La dura legge del gol - 883
Se tornerai - 883
Gli anni - 883 (yes, a lot of 883 songs, they’re my youth XD)
Gente per bene gente per male - Lucio Battisti
La canzone del sole - Lucio Battisti
Peter Pan - Enrico Ruggeri (a lot of people don’t know this song, and it’s a shame because i think is beautiful)
Margherita - Riccardo Cocciante
1950 - Amedeo Minghi (i have a fetish for VERY OLD italian songs, ok)
Maledetta primavera - Loretta Goggi (i have a fetish for VERY OLD italian songs, part.2)
Luna - Gianni Togni 
La tatuata bella - Tre allegri ragazzi morti (the video is also amazing because is drawn by Davide Toffolo, TARM’s singer and also a famous italian comic artist)