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.Commission: InternalsFury. by Martina-G

Commission for InternalsFury , his OC Rogue, a werewolf. Hope you like it :)
Done in black pen + Photoshop.

Commission info:

.Commission: human-greed. by Martina-G

Sketch commission for human-greed, her oc Washington and Grey. Hope you like it :)
Done in PS, black ecoline.



Commission info post!

Since i’ve finally opened again all kind of commission, i tought it would be good to have a post with all the infos here on tumblr, too.
Please read the files above to see what i can do :)

Other infos:
-Payment via paypal only
-For the payment rules check the sheets please.
-All prices are in €.
-Originals will be sent ONLY upon request and for orders over 50 .
-Moleskine info: Moleskine Cahiers Journal 9x14 cm, inner pocket. Price: 12 +shipping cost.
For other questions feel free to note me :)

It’s summer and it’s time to reblog my commission infos, since i have a special offer for the whole summer: 
For each commission you’ll buy from me, you’ll get a 10 euros whorty sketch commission as omake!
Also, if you want your commission to be shipped, i’ll add another omake: 
a plasticized bookmark or a plastic keychains like the ones below!

Rules are always the same, note me if you’re interested :D

Kanda/Lavi (Kiss meme, 1) for whenyoulosesmallmind
I think this is the most yaoi thing i can draw whitouth going OOC so, i hope it’s ok ^^;

Virtual Mima by Martina-G

Four years ago on Aug. 24 Satoshi Kon passed away. So, i wanted to draw a small gift to my favourite japanese movie director and one of my favourite movie, Perfect Blue <3
Done in black&red ecoline + PS edit. Titles comes from the movie ost :)

Nsfw commission for PerkyLilja over DeviantArt - uncensored, safe version can be seen here:

Commission info:


KyoMami (Kiss meme, 12) for aspiringamazon!
Sorry for the wait (to everyone has asked something, too), i wasn’t at home in the last few days!

Pandora/Radhamantis (Kiss meme, #9) for giuly-chan (ti banno dalla vita :v)
Is not exactly on the neck orz 

Much obliged, thank you!

You’re welcome :)

Shan-Pu/Mousse (Kiss meme, #6) for psycho-blue
She probabily punched him in the face after that, my poor baby duck ;_;